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We have over 1000 events held in more than 200 cities across 100 countries in 10 diverse categories of Food Industry Events. We also offer news, magazines and a range of other exciting services to make sure you are always informed and up to date in the Food Industry Event world!

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About FoodExCo

FoodExCo, which is an abbreviation for 'Food Exhibitions and Conferences' is a worldwide Food Industry Events Network website.

The main objective of FoodExCo is to provide all involved with the Food Industry world which includes Tea and Coffee, Packaging and Printing, Bakery, Flour, Grains, Rice, Pasta, Pizza and Spaghetti, Sweets and Snacks, Beverages, Juices and Drinks, Dairy, Meat, Frozen Food and Seafood, Hotels, Restaurants and Food Service, Fresh and Perishable Products, Organic and Agricultural Products and the rest of the Food Industry, an exclusive, single and central global database to come to on the internet to obtain the latest and most vast array of information on Food Industry events.

FoodExCo provides key information such as the name, dates, location, category, website, photos and videos about all Food Industry sector Exhibitions and Conferences globally in the past, present and future. In addition, we offer a range of add-on services including but not limited to news and magazines to drive interest and knowledge for the Food Industry World. We are the first, largest and only website in the world that provides all of these services in a single location.

Our vision is to be the exclusive and trusted partner of the Food Industry world and to drive awareness and enthusiasm for all interested individuals and parties that are a part of it.

FoodExCo is a Registered Trademark of ExCo Media Limited based in the United Kingdom.

Exco Media Limited is registered in England & Wales. Company #07296686. Copyright © 2010-13.


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Sponsoring FoodExCo

The vision of FoodExCo is to be the exclusive and trusted partner of the Food Industry world and to drive awareness and enthusiasm in the exciting industries that are a part of it.

The below representation of the FoodExCo website provides an illustration of the various sponsoring options available, where they are positioned and with what dimensions your logo can be placed.

If your company would like to sponsor FoodExCo and be a part of our global initiative, then please contact us so that we can discuss how we can support each other to be successful.

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